Jungle jim and the lost sphinx

Microgaming’s adventurous explorer, Jungle Jim, is once again back, and this time he’s travelling across the jungle in search of precious artifacts and lost treasures. This time, however, he’s not alone in his quest. Along with his trusty monkey friend, Pip, comes a whole tribe of jungle enthusiasts – the Maximals. With their help, Jim sets out on a monumental journey to find the lost city of Zanzibar, but when they encounter an ancient magical barrier, it sets their expedition back an extra century. Now, with help from their new friend, they are left on their own to search the uncharted territories and discover the lost artifacts of their ancestors… However, this time, a powerful Amazon creature has entered the jungle and is terrorising the humans.

Can you win the game before you’ve even started it? Yes, thanks to the new Microgaming “jackpot” system introduced with Jungle Jim and the lost sphinx – you don’t have to buy a real money account to play Jungle Jim and the lost Sphinx. You can simply download the free version, print your own Scraco themed one-sided card and put it in the base game deck. When the time comes to play, just take the time to play and collect all the points you’ve earned – doing so will earn you an extra Amazon which, depending on your geographical location, you can use as either a real money or a casino bonus on your next online gaming session! Microgaming offers several other exciting games including: Scattergories, Digger Jack, Candyland, Party Panic, Time for Some Tropical Island Fun, The Best Laid Plans, Caves of Doom, Eat ‘Em & Have ‘Em, Island Paradise, Party Princess and a whole lot more.

So what exactly is the Microgaming ” multiplier trail”? This special feature allows you to double your game score simply by adding a second player – no matter how many players are left in the game when you start playing! The added bonus features in Jungle Jim and the lost sphinx make it even more fun to play. This is a unique feature which is currently only available in the free version of this amazing game. However, it will be soon available in all versions and will surely make Microgaming even more entertaining and popular!