Batman & the riddler riches

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to win a big jackpot in a live casino slot machine then you’ll know that the odds are against you if you win the same jackpot multiple times. But what if you instead had to play the same game for millions of combinations? Well, you’d have a much better chance of hitting the big one! And that’s exactly what you do in the Batman & The Riddler riches slots game!

In this unique slot game you really have to analyze the situation to figure out which symbols are best for you to place your bet on. Batman & the Riddler riches is all about combining strategy with luck, and luckily for you, there are actually some good strategies for this game. First, Batman & the Riddler riches is not a traditional slots game; hence, there are no ordinary reels like those seen in conventional slots. Instead, you’ll be dealing with a “waves” system where you place your bets on certain wave icons (like a heart) which will travel from one column of the playing area to another. For example, if you place your bet on the wave icon “A” then your next wave would be “B”. This means that the actual probability of winning on these bets is quite low unless you happen to place your bets on every single icon in that particular column.

However, the odds of winning are not the only thing to take note of. There are also random events which can happen while you’re playing that can mess up your planning. For example, if an icon such as the Riddler’s face appears on the screen you must move your mouse to that particular icon before you can place your bet. Also, if you happen to select any of the five wild icons (the ones with a yellow background) then you must scatter all of your money in that column – regardless of whether or not that particular column pays off. Needless to say, these random events can often prove to be disastrous since you might end up with a massive deficit due to buying more icons than you actually have in that particular wild column.